Keep our environment clean

Nile Circuits is committed to follow a restricted waste disposal criteria, pollution prevention and keeping the environment clean is one of our first priorities, this is our commitment and ethics.

  • 1- We will do our best to deliver a better service than that what we promise. We believe that even if we are producing a very simple PCB we have to give it our highest care and attention.

  • 2- We will work hard to be your best partner and let you rely on us.

  • 3- Our commitment is to work hard to deliver the best PCB and to deliver it on time.

    4- We will do our best to be flexible and helpful to support our customers. We promise that you will find us as your support as soon as you need our help.

Rigid PCB

Rigid single side PCB



Metal core single side PCB


Flexible single side PCB


PCB Assembly